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Is there anywhere to moor a barge in Washington D.C.?

I've been working on a project for school, and part of the project it nailing down logisticsI'm having a difficult time finding any information about where to unload cargoI was wondering if there is anywhere to moor, or unload a barge in D.Cor near D.Con the Potomac? Where is it and would cranes need to be brought in? Thank you to anyone who may know anything about this!


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There is presently a barge moored on one of the piers of the 14th Street Bridge, between Arlington and the Tidal Basin; they are sandblasting and repainting the underside of the entire bridge and are using a barge as a platform for the equipmentThe thing about barges is that they tend to have a little draft (don't sit low in the water)So, I am guessing that the area near the tidal basin would be as good as any to moor a barge.

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