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is this a healthy breakfast?

2 x boiled eggs (perfectly cooked in the microwave!) - not too hard not too soft.1 x wholemeal wrap shredded into bite sized pieces (to eat with egg)anda small handful of fresh mushrooms cooked on the hot plate (no oil used whatsoever) i want to know if this is a healthy breakfast as I have oats every morning and this egg meal once or twice a week (for variety)thanks!


Sorry i won't be much help, but you can find almost anything on EbayOr on the internet in general.
I have seen that used for making truck lumber racksYou might check with someone in your area that makes them.
I would go to a glass and aluminium shop that makes aluminium windows and doors they generally stock stuff like that or they could order it in to whatever length you want
Call a metal fabricator and ask questions, but be prepared for the price.
Yep, sounds healthy to meyou have a balance of protein, fat and carbsi would recommend a green vegetable instead of the mushrooms, but that's only because they contain more vitamins, minerals, etcBtw, how do you boil your eggs in the microwave? I'm interested in doing that lol EDIT: Thanks! But aren't you not supposed to put aluminum foil in the microwave? One time I did by accident and it started to spark

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