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Izzy Vs Thirteen????

answer the followingIzzy Stevens-Greys anatomyThirteen Hadley {remy}-House mdA-who is a better DoctorB-who is nicerC-who would you rather be stuck in an elevator withD-who is more of a rebelE-who is smarterG-who has a sadder lifeH-who is coolerI-who has the better bossJ-who would win a fist fightK-who has better romance skillsL-who is funnerM-who is more unique


Thirteens a better doctorIzzy is nicerId rather be stuck in an elevator with IzzyThirteen is a total rebel, hello lesbian/drugsThirteen is smarterThirteens life was sadder, she and her mom had HuntingtonsThirteens coolerThirteen has the better bossHouse is fantastic! Izzy would win a fist fightIzzy is more romanticalThirteen is funner Thirteen is unique, Izzy is a cliche

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