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JVC Car Stereo Wire Harness?

I purchased a JVC Car Stereo from a Pawn Shop. It did not come with the mounting wires for the back of the stereo. It is a 16 pin and the model # is (KD-G140). I cannot find the wire harness for my specific model. Please help!


Many stereo installation centers have patch kits for just such instances where the previous stereo was stolen and the harness is damaged. See if you can find one of those first. Or try a wrecking yard for a factory hookup. If you cannot find one, then just wire it straight to the harness. Remember, even if you replace the factory wiring, you will still have to get the adapter to hook the new stereo into the factory harness. If you are not worried about removing the stereo later when you plan to upgrade or sell the car, just wire it to the harness and don't worry about the factory connectors. Just make sure you wire it correctly.
u got screwed big time they saw u coming
Bad idea to buy that deck without the wires. Thats like buying a keyboard for your computer with no keys. Unfortunately everywhere Ive looked online says this deck is discontinued. They dont sell it anymore. :( Keep looking. Call the manufacturer. Number should be posted on the deck itself somewhere if it isnt faded away already.
The best chance of finding the harness would be at the manufactures website. Chances are slim though. Does the pawn shop have a return policy?

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