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Laying method of carpet

Carpet laying mainly includes fixed type and unfixed type; It can be paved all over the room or partially.


Carpet paving method: it is divided into non fixed type and fixed type. It is divided into full paving and local paving according to the paved area. When the carpet is often rolled up or moved, it is appropriate to lay an unfixed carpet. The cut edges of the carpet shall be bonded and spliced into a whole piece, which shall be directly paved on the ground, not pasted with the ground, and the four sides shall be trimmed along the foot of the wall. The fixed paving method can be used for occasions that do not need to be rolled up and do not bulge under the promotion of external force, such as the front waist of the corridor. The cut edge of the carpet shall be bonded and stitched into a whole piece, and the back of the carpet shall be fixed with the ground with adhesive or wooden card strip (barbed board) with small hook facing the sky.
Fixed laying. There are three methods for this laying: ① Paste method. When the carpet is pasted with the leveling layer, glue adhesive shall be applied around the carpet, the glue width shall be 100-150mm, and the glue amount shall be 0.05kg per square meter; You can also use adhesive to paint several 1m square squares on the ground, and then pave the carpet. ② Hook fixation method. This method is to use steel nails to install wooden strips with hooks on the ground around the room, and then tension the carpet and hang it on the hooks. The hook is about 25mm wide and about 20mm away from the wall. ③ Batten fixing method. Place 20mm around the carpet × 30mm or 10mm × 25mm wood batten, batten and carpet nailed to concrete floor with special steel nails.
Unfixed laying. Lay the carpet flat on the ground, all around to the required position, or to the root of the wall. If the carpet needs to be connected, the carpet joints shall be glued and assembled neatly before laying. The method of joint between carpet and carpet is: lining a 100mm wide linen strip under the carpet joint, apply adhesive, the amount of adhesive is 0.8kg per square meter, and then align and flatten it. If you want to lay double carpet, choose the upper floats 5-10mm thick carpet and lower 5mm thick rubber foam carpet pad.

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