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Lee Loader Reloading Question? 7.7 jap?

Hey guys. I wanted to get into reloading with a lee loader, the alternative way to reload without paying the price of a press.The caliber I want to reload is 7.7x58 jap.I wanted to know if there is any caliber kit Lee Loader makes that would work with the size of the 7.7 jap. In other words, can I buy another caliber lee loader, for example, a 7mm remington magnum, and use it to resize the brass, and all that good stuff?Any information passed along to me would be extremely appreciated. thank you.


I believe that since the Lee Loader only neck sizes the case, you could maybe use a .303 die. However, the Lee Loader makes no provision for trimming your cases, and when neck sizing you may experience problems with chambering. Particularly in different rifles of the same caliber. Many get dies from lee, for a press, that allows them to trim 30.06 brass, then reform it for the Jap. I think in the long run, reloading with a press will prove a better solution to your problem.

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