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lighting arrester why its designed edge sharp,?

i have sea the all lighting arrester surging point sharp edge any particular reason ?


go to the sawstore, buy a set of cut proof chaps, a safety helmet with face shield and ear muffs. Do not use a saw that yoou cannot hold over your head with one arm for a full minute without shaking and tiring. nobody says they do stupid things, but all of us do. I have the scars given to me by a Stilh 034 to prove that stupidity is a disease. When I bought the Stilh in 1983, I had the strength to use it, but now in'o7 it is too muuch saw for me. 20 plus years out of one saw, five bars and many chains aint too bad.
gloves reduce hand contamination by 70 to 80% only. washing(or hand sanitizer) and gloves are both recommended and should be mandatory in any dental office. See the article below for a more detail.

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