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Lime Green soccer cleats?

I have been searching the web for some lime green soccer cleats, and each time i have come up empty handed. I am looking for ether lime green soccer cleats or purple. Please help me!!!!I am a girl.High school varsity soccer is my game.Shoe size is 8.5please try not to give websites that don't have my cleat size, i can't take anymore disappointment. T^T


First remove the zest for the chutney . Take a grader and shred the green part ( zest ) into a dish . Peel the pith ( white part ) and discard . Dice the lime fruit part and add to the chutney with the zest .
I would peel them. I could see if the recipe asked for a bit of the lime zest, but the entire lime peel doesn't sound like it is going to work. I made a cilantro and lime chutney that only asked for the limes to be quartered and seeded. Aside from not seeing how that would be right, limes don't have seeds! If I were you, I'd peel them. Zest is fine, the entire thing, no.

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