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Live on second floor, but still scared!?!?!?

I live in military housing, and my husband has night shifts a lot of the timeWe live on the second floor, but for some reason I get worried we'll have a break-in, or a fire, and I'll be all by myself! The odds are really unlikely, but I still get scaredIt always interferes with my sleeping and I never get a full night's restI keep the tv on for some noise and yet, I'm still scared and can't relax and be calmPlease help me, what can I do so I'm not so paranoid?


Living on the second floor but still scared? You should be, most crime even if you live in a military housing it doesn't mean it so safe to leave the house or sleep at nightAs I say accident happens every minuteBreak ins mostly happen up stairs because of the solitary place it is positionNobody would dare to come upstairs to check even if they do mostly they should be prepared for the worstMuch better if you live on the ground floor, help is much more convenient because the door is just near outside the housing facilities, while in the second or third floor you either rush to the elevator if they have one or run down the stairsAssess your fear first if you have oneWhat do you fear most, break-ins or fire? Mostly talk to the present occupants if they have break-ins in the past or what their modus operandi is, knocking on doors pretend they are delivering something etcthen you can assess your worst fearFire is a natural calamityEither from a left over candle or stove or electrical wires etcFor break ins, ask for your own steel door so that none could penetrated your wooden door just kicking it inA steel door is much more harder to break than mere wooden doorsPut up a small camera that could be concealed just outside your door so that when somebody knocks you would already knew who it isConcering fire check your electrical circuit from a qualified electrician for worn out plug or wiresBe always alert and observant concering your surroundings.

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