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Locations abandoned sites melbourne?

Hi im wondering if anyone knows the location to abandoned warehouses, silo's, power stations, bunkers and so forth in melbourne.Thanks


What a suspect question! lol
ok .. I'll give you an answer IF and WHEN you tell me why you want to know,, like is it for a rave party or you want to hold some people captive or you want to hide the bodies?
Try a slow drive around Port melbourne...check out the many factories there...some will be abandoned...if only for a short while. They would be perfect! Probably no electricity but light would attract attention of course.
With the extraordinarily high real estate prices in Melbourne, Sydney and just about every city here, very few buildings are abandoned. Warehouses, silos etc almost all got converted to lofts/apartments years ago. Across the road from where I used to work in Collingwood, an old beer brewery with a heritage listed facade got gutted, excavated, and rebuilt from the inside out as modern apartments that now just happens to still look like a brewery from the outside. If you want abandoned buildings, try going out to the country. Just be wary. Despite the buyback, many still have guns.
Hi well that's for me to know and u to find out..LOL Seriously that is a loaded question and the answer is they are all out of bounds coz of terrorism ,why u ask hmm? ?

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