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Looking for the name of an old computer game? Please Help?

Ok, this was an educational game for young kidsThe whole premise was that there was this huge population of people that looked like blue balls with differing faces/hair/feet that you could customizeApparently you had to guide them across this huge continent to a new country where they could settleThe more times you completed the game the higher the population of the new country became and they'd build houses and stuffIn order to get across the continent you had to pass through certain areas with unique challenges that the longer you took to complete the more people you'd quot;losequot; (they'd go back to the starting point for the next game)I don't remember all of them, but the ones I do remember were:gt; Making pizzas out of this huge machinegt; Crossing a bridgegt; Being chased by quot;coolquot; rectangular versions of your people on skateboards and hiding in a treegt; Traveling through some kind of mine with mirrors everywheregt; Getting your people onto some sort of raft and going downriver.


its like Zoombini's or some like that.

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