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lose weight in 1-2 weeks?

im not overweight, but would like to lose some weight to get in shape for volleyball seasonI would like to lose 10-20 lbsi do not eat carbs, i drink tons of water, i get about a half hour of exercise per dayI am always chewing gum and singingis singing good for you? lolany tips on losing weight fast? exercise routines? and on beating dessert cravings?


well about the dessert cravings, buy something sweet but low in calories and fatfor a routine, if you want to just lose weight runRun as much as you can, as hard as you can until you feel like you are about to throw upNow i know this sounds stupid but im in football and we run ALOT and immediately i noticed results so i keep up the running and ive lost 20 lbs in the past monthI also do 180 crunches and 90 push ups a day but that's for muscle.

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