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Lossless music and car CD problems.

Will the same lossless (ape) format the song to carved it into the CD with the car CD player to play and download to the U disk with the data cable to connect the car CD player playback sound quality difference? I have not tried to ask, would like to buy a car or so on the 1000 yuan CD host, but do not know the need to toss it Mainly I think engraved CD trouble!


Poor toss, lossless format is mainly for high-fidelity system, the requirements of cd, amplifier, speakers more fever, and you just car, you say engraved disc and U disk connection difference, your ears can not hear, I also listen Come out and listen to music is simple and pure pleasure, not to listen to what equipment, but rather listen to what, where to listen. And who listen? The process is more important than the results!
No difference ~ audio conversion process is not lost ~ just copy and copy. No compressed sound quality will not change!
In fact, your APE or FLAC, such lossless music, in the car CD is impossible to achieve. I used NERO burned car CD, and burn the car CD music source files, requiring audio decoding rate in the 128KBPS can only, the software can be normal to its software into a CD CD-ROM specific format. But I admit that the high-end car audio can play APE equipment is certainly some, but I have not used, you can not talk nonsense.

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