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I have to make a mask that is due on WednesdayThe only way I can think of doing it is by paper macheI need help thoughI don't have an empty plastic milk jug like all the websites say to useFor the paste, I have to use glue and water because I have no flowerNow, how do I make the mask if I don't have an empty jug? What do I do?? Some sites say to use a balloon but I don't have any more balloons in my houseOthers say to take aluminum foil and put it on someone's face and shape itI tried that and it didn't workCan someone please help? I'm running out of time and I don't know how to make a mask now! Please help!


I recognise that you'll be able to soak them in nail polish remover (however i suppose thats acetone?) positioned then in both scorching water or alchol and allow them to take a seat until they grow to be smooth adequate to peel off your truly nails! Usally this best take bout a part hour for the entire factor!!
dip them in nail polish remover it will eat the plastic
nail polish remover pressure to pull them off.
If you are desperate just rip them off, but if you have the chance to then go to Wal-Mart and pick up a bottle of Tips Be Gone which you can find in the nail polish sectionBasically you just soak your nails into this stuff which doubles as a nail polish remover, and it softens the nails until they become really easy to just peel offReally works and it literally under four dollars for a whole bottleHope I helped!
It is well that you have not waited until Tuesday night to panicYou should use your ingenuityWhy not use a plastic bag stuffed with newspaper for a formYou could just wad up newspaper and tape itTake a look at the two videos beneath, they will inspire youWhatever you to, you must get cracking; time is a wasting if you're waiting to find your answers hereJust do a video search on Google! Papier-m?ché maskmaking on the input line.

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