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Matching two area rugs?

My living and dining room are one room. (not a huge room) I bought an area rung which I would consider classic. It has about 9 rows of different color rectangles ( beiges, golds,browns, and burgundies) with a beige border for under my dining room table. I saw another rug with basically the same colors but with more burgundy. It has bigger rectangles that are all different sizes. Some are big stripes and not in any particular order. It is hard to describe. Can I put them together? One in the living room and one under the table? From the end of one to the beginning of other there would only be about 18 inches? Thanks


So what we have here is two area rugs that clash correct? Can you put them together? How close are the rooms to each other? If their close, than no, they don't go together. If you must have both rugs try and seperate the one room from the other, by getting decorative deviders of some sort etc. The deviders are nice looking and will take the focus off of the other rug. Hope I helped
Aug 23, 2017
It's hard to say without pics but as long as there are a few similar colors between the two then I'd say they'd work great - after all we are talking about two seperate areas in one big space so I wouldn't say they'd have to match exactly.
Aug 23, 2017

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