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Mobile welding rigTruck or trailer?

Some things I have thought of with a truck you have more mobility in smaller spaces and some places do not allow trailersAnother thing is a trailer would be easier to stealBut with a trailer you don't need as heavy of duty of truck to pull itYou have far more work space for items such as welder plasma cutters and work spaceTo solve the lack of mobility could a guy install a crane on the trailer then have it be able to lift the welder into the truck? Then buy some forms of locking system on the trailerAny ideas? Advice? Pros? Con?


How many trailer rigs do you see as compared to truck rigs? or at least used by professional mobil weldersmuch rather keep my trailer hitch free in case I need to tow a trailer with a large piece I may be installing, every things on the truck, including the crane to move said large piece off the trailer.

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