Motorcycle Alarm!?

does anybody know a great place online to buy motorcycle or moped alarms?TIA,Luke


galvanized pipe means just that it is coated with galvanize to help keep it from rusting. blk pipe has no coating inside and a blk finish outside, normally used for natural gas piping installations. wall thickness is either schedule 40, or 80. 40 is the standard 80 is a much thicker wall used for high pressure applications. the 1inch pipe and the 1inch nipples are the same wall thickness. the threads on both all taper inwards. by drilling a hole in galvanized pipe you will expose the inside wall of the hole to water,gas,oil, or what ever you are using the piping syatem for. therefore you are defeating the porpous of the galvanizd coating. hope this helped
obviously you aren't native since you don't seem to know much about the ceremonies. why do you want to mock other people's beliefs? if these really were your beliefs you wouldn't have to ask this on YAyou would have elders to consult. i would never think to take a traditional belief and make it modern .

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