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Moving into a house with all wood floors - do you have suggestions/info about rugs/runners?

The floor is pretty beat up in some of the rooms and between having a baby and preparing for a deployment I don't know if we're going to be able to fix it properly in the near future so I want to prevent further damage with rugs and runners.Anyway, I want to put runners and rugs down in the heavy traffic areas. Couple of questions:Do you know of a good store/website that has matching rugs and runners for reasonable prices?Also, we plan to put the runners on stairs ourselves, which are all wood also (they are straight and all the stairs are uniform in size so it shouldn't be a problem ... it's a three-story-house) but we were wondering if we can just buy a runners to do this or do we have to buy special runners specifically made for staircases? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


OKorder.com has matching rugs and runners of all shapes and sizes. Also, JC Penny used to sell matching rugs and runners, maybe they still do. I have personally purchased two runners and stapled them, one after the other, onto my stairs. It was supposed to be a quick-fix but it turned out so well, that here we are 7 years later and it still looks great. If you select a runner with a boarder, begin at the top of the steps. Once you work your way down the steps, you may have to cut off the edge of the rug (boarder) and then some, so the cut lands at the end of a riser above a stair tread. If you want the boarder to show at the bottom of the steps, begin the second runner at the bottom of the steps and work up to the other runner until they meet in the riser crease. This will look like it is all one custom piece with a boarder all around the edges. Good luck. To protect your floors from further damage until you can get around to either refinishing the floors or installing wall to wall carpeting, I would certainly use rug pads under any runners or throw rugs. You say you are preparing for deployment. I wish you and your family all the best and I am grateful for our military. Thank you.
Aug 23, 2017
I think you should keep your dark wood furniture. It'd be a waste just to buy new things when you already have them. If it just does't look right paint the walls a colour that would make your furniture and floors go good together. Try adding some accessories that match your furniture and floors and keeps the focus of anything that doesn't match. Hope you find your answer!
Aug 23, 2017

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