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My Boilers Not Working!?

A cool start to the year. I woke up this morning to find my boiler had gone bust! However, the cold water taps work fine. I rang the boiler company and their was voice mail indicating that they will be open on Monday the 5th!!! What shall i do? Freeze myself till monday?????!!


Plumbers work on boiler systems. Surely there's one available for emergencies today (but you'll pay a premium, for sure). Is the boiler firing at all, or is it stone cold?
what kind of boiler do you have ? is it an oil fired boiler ? Gas ( natural or propane ) . more info will help . surely one of us can help you with this .
I don't have a answer for you but I need help too. Me and my kids are freezing, My boiler want get hot and the pilot is lit. It want get hot, Will my pipe freeze and burst? Dam I don't know what to do. My nose is cold, so you must know how cold we are.
Need more details in order to help you out. What type of boiler, gas or oil fired? If oil check the tank. Check the fuse box for a tripped breaker.
Get a repair man!

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