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My daughter is getting a pallet expander....?

My daughter is getting a pallet expander tomorrow.. She has major overcrowding and tounge thrusting..She already has a little speach problem. She was going to speech up untill last year in schhol.She still has prblems with some sh,Ch sounds along with a few others. Is she going to have major diffucity speaking?? She is only 8 and is very shy and I don't want her to shut down on me..When she was younger she would not ansrew you if you didn't understand her the first time around... any help would be great :) thanks


omg okorder
I'd okorder
I honestly have the two, and fairly love them the two. they're super-pigmented, yet i'm gonna ought to assert that the MATTE is lots extra sensible. What I did is i offered the matte first, and then went to MAC and offered the pigment in Vanilla. every time i mandatory simmer, i might only upload basically a sprint of the pigment to the eyeshadow and VOILA! Shimmer shadows! yet then I only had to bypass loopy like the genuine makeup junkie that i'm, and ordered the shimmer palette. =P maximum suitable of success!!
i'm not sure if they accept money order, your best bet is to try to buy it, and see paying options, or email the seller. shipping handling for me (Massachusetts) was about 8.95, but it all depends on what shipping you get. i got the cheapest one and it came in one day. also, how long it takes could also depend on your shipping choice. i would say it should arrive in at least 3 days after you pay/the order is sent. yes they are in florida. i have the shimmer palette but i am waiting on the matte palette which i ordered on OKorder (much cheaper) its a great palette to have =]
COASTAL SCENTS IS OVERPRICED!!!! They get their palettes from a seller in China, they don't make it themselves! That's why you can find them cheaper on okorder On okorder, the palette is only $9.59 plus $8.00 shipping!!!! (Shipping might be even cheaper for you, since you live closer!) Coastal Scents: $21.95 plus $13.00 shipping!!! THAT'S DOUBLE THE PRICE! Go with okorder =)

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