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My furnace heat exchanger not sealed. Should I operate?

My furnace technician inspected my heat exchanger and he suggested that the exchanger is not sealed. He determined that by injecting water into the furnace (Must be into the exchanger) and he found the water on the floor. Is that a reliable method of identifying seal-broken heat exchanger? What is the risk of operating the exchanger in a house with infants?


never heard of putting water in to check that , get a second opinion and get a carbon monoxide detector , nighthawk makes good ones , you should have one anyway
WATER is the worst thing you want in there! Get a second look and someone that knows what they are doing ! Do not run, if you do not have carbon monoxide detector ! !!! That magic gas can kill you, you can see it or smell it.
If you heat exchanger is bad ... it is very bad to run it. all the fumes that should go out the vent on the roof is now going into your house!!! I've never heard of using water but if it works? as far as the water test working it depends on what kind of unit you have call for a second opinion I had to come back to edit entire families have died in their sleep because of the gasses put off from heaters!!! CARBON MONOXIDE IS THE SILENT KILLER
If someone put water in a heat exchanger you're dealing with a nut. How did he get the water out? How many gallons and did it all leak out or is it still in there? If a furnace has a hole in the heat exchanger the flame will blow or move around when the blower motor runs.

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