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my motorcycle wont turn on?

I was putting on a new brake light and might have connected the wrong wires the light wont turn on nor the motorcycle could i have short circuited the battery it still gives 12v when off what can i do to fix it


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When you hit a kill change or turn the important thing off it must quick out the spark to floor so it would not go to the spark plug. If it is now not turning off: -the change might be dangerous -there would be a broken wire main to the change -if the switch grounds out to the metal on the bottom facet the place it is attached, there would be rust or paint or whatever built up under it preventing it from making contact I had a motorcycle where the switch failed, i would put the choke on full and open the throttle vast and it will simply die out (or sometimes just stall it). Undoubtedly this isn't easy, and traditionally no longer superb for the bike. It is traditionally valued at it to troubleshoot the important thing switch so it works correctly (assuming it's SUPPOSED to show the bike off). If that you may get a multimeter, you should be competent to see continuity between the body of the bike and the kill wire when the change is pressed. Trace the kill wire back from the swap and make sure it is intact and is connected safely on the opposite end. If you can get an electrical diagram of your bike or a manufacturing unit service manual it would help with troubleshooting.
how does this work? Wouldn't they ask where you got the copper from?
The Main fuse is located just outside the battery-box on the Red lead (+).
check to see if you blew the main fuse

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