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My new horses this winter? Rugs?

I have a Palomino/Arab 2 Thoroughbred X Race Horses, We are in the process of having Stables built on the field which should be ready within 2 weeks. I feed the 3 of them twice a day, once in the mornings and remove the rugs, one in the afternoon/evening and replace the rugs. They have waterproof lightly insulated Castle rugs that seem to be keeping them warm but I can't help but worry about them. When they are in the Stables should I just use quilted Stable Rugs when it gets really Cold? What rugs/food do you suggest for different seasons for these type of horses. The Palomino is 1yr4months and around 14.3 with a good weight, the thoroughbreds are 6yrs old 15.2, 7 yrs old 16.1 with poor weight due to coming from the races I want to do my best to fatten them up and provide them with a calm lifestyle. Thanks Alot.


i would use turn out rugs in the stable. some people faff taking of a wet rug to put on a dry stable rug, to in the morning but on the still wet and now cold turn out rug. if the horse had the turn out rug on at night i would have dryed on the horse with in hours. or you need to have 2 turn out rugs so when 1 is wet the other can be put on, and the other allowedd to dry properly.
Aug 23, 2017
I never reccomend rugging at all. Why? Because at the base of each hair, there is a muscle that can move each hair. This makes them able to insulate themselves, or cool themselves off. When the horse is wearing a rug, the muscles can't work, because the rug is keeping the hair down. Like any muscle, it atrophies and soon, the horse can't move the muscles at the base of the hair, and it has no way of controlling body temperature without a rug or fan in the summer. In your case, the 2 racehorses should probably be lightly rugged at night and when its really cold (like in the negatives, if it gets that cold where you live). And I also don't reccomend clipping your horses (idk if you do or not). Your palomino should be fine without a rug though. If you feel you must, just do it for short periods. As for food, make sure you provide as much hay as the horses will eat, 24/7. For the tb's, adding 1/4 cup of corn oil to the grain every day could do some good. And make sure you are giving them grain.
Aug 23, 2017
Im fortunate our dry cleanser has very great front load washing machines that take them quite properly. even although you may by no skill get them suited I wash them interior the favourite water attainable. i do no longer care approximately colour washing out. i prefer them clean. I additionally use the two a blanket cleanser or I only purchase the cleansing soap for toddlers that way it does not worsen their dermis next winter. yet earlier I take them I in lots of situations leave them over a fence in the time of the spring rain to assist wash as quite some the two factors. I in lots of situations rotate between enormous storms to scrub the two factors. I additionally do no longer prefer my care to sniff to undesirable. i admire horses yet my job demands taking human beings around in my automobile. only my 2 cents.
Aug 23, 2017
Have okorder.com and look at the supplies. Also the owner will answer questions you have. It's a great site and Trish has been doing this for 30 some years.
Aug 23, 2017

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