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My pan is to big to make my brownies? Any hints?

My pan is 30X20cm and the pan I need is 20cm sqaured is there anything I can put in the pan to make it smaller?


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There is a difference between a damage deposit and cleaningYour damage deposit is going to repair the damage you have done.ruined carpet, wallpaper and a broken windowWhat does your lease/rental agreement say you are responsible for cleaning when you leave? It seems to me that after five years, the landlord ought to pay for having the carpet cleaned for the new tenant unless your paperwork requires you to do itETA: You need to read your paperwork It could have been a pet FEE, not a pet DEPOSIT.
I've made custom molds out of aluminum foil many times without a problem (last time I used it to make a pan for Panetone!)Just line your pan with, making a wall at 20cm by folding it up and downIt should hold since brownies are not very tall Hope it helps!
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