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my toddler just threw up all over my new sisal rug...?

For the record, I didn't want this rug...I told my husband anything that says quot;do not add waterquot; was a bad idea with young kids in the house....but here we are....So I know you're not supposed to use water on sisal (natural fiber/grass) rugs, but merely quot;blottingquot; as per the directions does not leave me with a clean, sanatized feeling. I generally use water and hydrogen peroxide to clean my carpets (I avoid chemical cleaners whenever I can), but how can I at least freshen up the area until enough time has passed that I'm not screaming quot;don't sit/crawl there!quot; Is baking soda an option?


My only suggestion - make your husband responsible for this problem immediately, and walk away. You did not want the rug for just this reason, and any move for you to take responsibility means you buy into the idea that this was an appropriate purchase. Stick to your guns, call him or text him and let him know his fabulous rug has experienced just the thing you knew would happen, and just drop it in his lap. The minute he brought it into the house, he took responsibility for whatever happened next- so don't do it for him. At all. This isn't just about the rug, of course- it's about power and who makes the decisions. If he wants to make them, it's up to him to do whatever it takes to follow through. Not your job, and it wasn't a joint decision made with your input. Call him, let him know he has a problem, and walk away. Not one paper towel- I'm not kidding. Or you will own the #$% rug and the blame for the spot your cleaning efforts make.
Aug 23, 2017

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