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Name of two movies from the 70s?

I have vague memories about two TV movies I watched in my childhood in the 70s. I think the movies were made in USA. I hope somebody can give me their titles.1. There was a construction site (or maybe a mine), and there is a kind of electrical storm. Suddenly, the work vehicles (excavators, bulldozers, etc) got alive and start killing humans.2. There is an abandoned house where there are some beings living inside the walls. This beings resemble furry goblins and speak with strange noises. Then a family moves to the house and the goblins attack the persons. I particular, I remember a scene when these goblins drag somebody to their hiding.That's the best I can remember ;-)


1. could it be Maximum Overdrive? 2. Maybe Troll?
I think Brendan Small's got them both. The first one is Maximum Overdrive, for sure. I've never seen the second one.
If the 70s, then it's Killdozer (as Maximum Overdrive is from the 80s) The People Beneath the Stairs?
Carrie It's a Stephen king Novel Sissy Spacek played Carrie White
Maximum Overdrive Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

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