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Need help with AC wires!?

I am in the middle of changing my thermostat and I am so lost on where the wires go! Anyone who knows anything please help.My old system was labeled and hooked up like this:White Wire (W)Red Wire (R)Blue Wire (B)Green Wire (G)Now I am looking at my new system and these are the spots that I have:(G) (RH)(RC)This has a red wire attached like a jumper wire(Y/O) (W/B) (Y1)What wires do I plug into where? Please re-post with the wire color next to where it should go.


red wire to stat rh and rc. keep jumper in white wire to w/b green wire to g blue wire to y1 if your ac does not come on when called for, put blue wire on y/o. your blue wire is your cooling wire, nowadays we use yellow, but blue is used by old schoolers and retro fits.
dear, each color line on the wire, must to CHG in joint, cause the element is created by ohm to handle short circuit of fire.
Based on normal practice It doesn't appear that you have air conditioning, only convential/gas heat. And the thermostat you bought is for air conditioning and heat pump systems. It likely will still work, you'll have to read through the book to see how to program it for convential heat in the installer set-up Red wire to (R) doesn't matter which one White wire to (W) Green wire to (G) Blue wire to nothing, the blue wire was your common wire which is required to make the old thermstat work off power from the unit, the new thermostat runs on batteries and doesn't have the option to run off power from the unit. Note: turn the power off to the unit, touching red and blue together will short out the transformer

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