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Neolithic Revolution - What made people change?

I've read a few theories but does anyone know which one is more widely accepted. Pretty much every theory makes no sense. I know theories like the oasis and feasting theories were ruled out. Does anyone know of any others?I need to come up with the most accurate answer for ancient history. Can anyone help?!?!


They really didn't all that much. During the revolution, women gained more domestic powers, but that was about it. Women had some more power in politics, but mostly due to their influence on their husbands, Abigail Adams and Mercy Otis Warren are good examples.
Harlan, examining the causes for the Neolithic Revolution, suggests 6 principal reasons which can be summarised to 3 principal categories: Domestication for religious reasons Domestication by crowding and as a consequence of stress Domestication resulting from discovery, based upon the perceptions of food gatherers With regard to the first explanation, Ian Hodder, who directs the excavations at ?atalh?yük, has said that the earliest settled communities, and the Neolithic revolution they represent, actually preceded the development of agriculture.

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