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new gaming machine processor question.?

i am looking to build a gaming machine but i have not yet decided if i should get AMD or Intel.the processors i am looking at areAMD phenom II X6 1100T (3.30GHz) -and- Intel Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition i7-980X (3.33GHz)my question is which of these processors should i go for? is the small amount of speed difference worth the extra ?600 the Intel machine will cost?thanks in advance!


There's a lot more to a processor than just the clock speedthe core i7-980x hyperthreads so it has 12 virtual cores despite having 6 physical coresIt also has turbo mode which allows it to increase its clock speed on the flyThose are two differences and if you look deeper, you'll find that the i7-980x is superior in every other wayThere's a reason why it's 600 moreHowever, This type of insane processor is completely unnecessary for a gaming computer so I don't suggest you get itSpend all this money on a good videocard and get something like a core i5-2500K as your CPUthe core i5-2500K will handle any game easilyIt'll save you hundreds of dollars and you won't notice any decrease in performanceOr go with the core i7-2600K if you really feel like itDon't go with the 1100T eitherPhenom II x6 processors aren't meant for gaming computersVery few games can take advantage of all 6 cores in the processorStick with quad core processors like the Phenom II x4 970.

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