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Paper bowl can be used in the microwave oven

Installed dish paper bowl can be used in the microwave oven?


Occasionally allowed, but not often such, after all, not how high temperature resistant, easy to produce harmful substances.
Yes, no problem. Somebody else can host asked, you asked me to answer so many words, others are not wearing, see eyes ache how to do? Die baidu knows!
You can't, use disposable paper bowl had better not overheating
Can!!!!! Heating with paper bowl now, but MS can only be used once, finished with deformation!! Have to change new, paper bowl is not a one-off!! Go ahead, be sure safety!!!!!
Paper bowl can be used in the microwave. 1, microwave is a kind of very high frequency of uhf radio waves, microwave heating is the launch of the electromagnetic wave through food, microwave tube to produce high speed vibration, the molecules in food intermolecular friction and heat; 2, paper bowl in the microwave oven, paper bowl won't block transmission of microwave, microwave can be directly through the paper bowl, paper bowl will not affect the microwave heating of food; 3, microwave transmission, will be affected by the metal, therefore, in the microwave, you can't use metal bowl, if you use a metal bowl, can lead to part of the microwave is reflected, and at the same time, the light at the edge of the bowl will produce point discharge, causing food rapid heating, and the reflection of electromagnetic wave and bowl edge point discharge spark will accelerate the damage of microwave tube. Above all, paper bowl can be used in the microwave, is not easy to other heat cracking of non-metallic bowl search can also use it in the microwave.

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