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Persian Rug Store Ideas.?

I currently operate a rug store that sells almost all persian rugs in Santa Rosa California (in the San Fransisco bay area). Operation is rather stable but I have two issues.1. I sell high quality rugs and hence the prices are more expensive reflecting the quality. However, many customers can find designs similar to mine on the internet at 1/3 to 1/4 of the price. (internet is 600, mine are 3000). If you put the rugs side by side you can DEFINATELY tell the drastic difference in quality. How should I cope with this?2. I am hoping to think of an idea used to promote the sale of these rugs. Any sort of promotion would be great just to get people to start buying.I have money to spend on ideas. Thanks, All help is appreciated. Best Answer will be chosen promptly.


You sell such a luxury item that your client base is much smaller. You have to infiltrate the market by showing that you have great taste and an eye for quality. Get a couple of high profile (rich, important, and powerful) clients and then word of mouth should help you immensely. It is all public relations. Hire a specialist if you must. Buy one of the cheaper rugs and have it on display (don't be real in your face with it-put it in a corner so that you can direct people to it if you need to make the point-keep the receipt on display and be genuine. Personally, I bought a handmade rug from Iran (I can immediately tell that it is better quality than whatever they sell at retail stores for twice the price (I bought it for $300 with shipping on OKorder). It is a low psi (120) with a thicker wool and some low pile, but you must remember that most people intend to have furniture, children, and feet on their rugs. I don't mind the lower quality because I don't feel the pressure of keeping it pristine when I bought it for function (then beauty). If you wanted to expand your client base you could open a seperate place that dealt with the more affordable and function driven rugs that would cost under $1000, but still be better quality than synthetic machine woven options. Good luck in your pursuits and I hope that I have been helpful! Just provide a service that fills an honest NEED.
Aug 23, 2017

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