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Personal Fitness Machines.?

Alright so I'm looking for my own little Fitness Machine, but I dont want to spend WAY too much moneyBasically looking for rowers, stairclimbers, ellipticalstredmills(maybe) and such.I already have a couple of weights.I dont have very much room inside of my bedroom and that is where those are going.I'm looking to slim my stomach and get some abs going on up in here :PAny suggestions on whats and where to buy?


I suggest a pair of running shoesThey take up very little space in your room, and running outside, going up and down hills, sprinting and slowing down, is far more effective any of those machines will beAccompanied with a good calisthenics routine (pull-ups, dips, body-weight squats, arm circles, front/side/back planks and bridges), running will be much better for getting in shape, reducing body, and adding muscle tone than any of those infomercial gimmicks, or any single machine will ever beI have asthma too, so does Jackie Joyner-KerseeThose machines are no better than running is for someone who has asthma If your asthma truly is so bad that that you can’t do anything that gets you out of breath, its going to have to be all about the strength training, invest time in researching compound lifts for the whole body to burn more calories than isolation lifts, and invest your money in a used Olympic bar and some plates.

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