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Physics - equilibrium/moment , help please?

a)The tower crane has a sliding pulley block which is 20 m from the mastThe counterweight has a weight of 250000N and it is 5m from the mastWhat is the maximum the crane can lift?b) what is the mass of this load?c) the load moves 10m along the jib towards the mastWill the maximum weight that can be lifted increase or decrease?d) if the counterweight moves to 6m from the mast what is the maximum weight that can be lifted if the load is 20m from the mast?e) for health and safety reasons the load lifted should be less than the maximumWhy do you think this is?TA ! x


a) is easyIt will be (250,000/4), 62,500Nb) (62,500/9.8) 6,377.55kgc) It will increase (double)d) (250,000 x 6) / 20 75,000N., or if you need mass, divide that by 9.8e) The crane could collapse if the maximum or near maximum load is liftedIt is safer to have a reasonable margin for safetyThe danger to health should be obviousTower cranes are very tall.

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