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Physics problemPlease, help meThanks.?

A crane lifts the 24000 kg steel hull of a ship out of the waterWhat is the tension in the crane's cable when the hull is submerged in the water? What is the tension when the hull is completely out of the water? Thank you.


The density of steel is 7.85 g/cm^3 or 7.85x10^3 kg/m^3Therefore the volume of steel in the ship is 24000/7.85x10^3 3.06 m^3The bouyancy of this much water displaced when the ship is submerged is 3.06(1.00x10^3)(9.8) 30.0x10^3 NTension in cable when ship submerged 24000(9.8)-30.0x10^3 205,200 NTension when ship out of water 24000(9.8) 235200 N.

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