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please help me figure out how to get orange pop stain out of brand new rug.?

My kids were not supposed to have drinks in the living room but of course they did and one of them spilled orange soda on my brand new 300$ rug. And of course being kids instead of coming and telling me right away they tried to clean it up with water and then hid it and I did not find it until this morning. So I have soaked it in this carpet spray cleaner and cleaned it with my bissel cleaner 3 times and it still remains! Please help me. Tell me what will remove this terrible stain!


Use Oxi Clean.
you can try use undiluted vinegar or a solution of water and vinegar. It is important to test a small area for color fastness.
I know this might sound daft, i am from uk so over here its called bath mouse, you know the cleaning foam that cleans your bath, Well once my mate spilt red wine on my carpet and it was the only thing i could grab in a rush and it worked like hell. Also my mum got black hair dye all over her cream carpet and 2 days later i just thought id try it and it worked! try that if u can =)
I'm answering only to tell you not to use hydrogen peroicide as someone said they used on a white garment. It will bleach your rug, as you might already know. Resolve usually works really good if you use a light brush with it; not your Bissel. If you go over it too much, you will ruin the nap. This might be a job for a professional, even though the cost. It would be cheaper than replacing the rug. By the way, you said you soaked it. Did you put a towel on the bottom and pour cold water and soap on it? If you do this about 4 times, it usually works. You have to get the stain out from the bottom also, or it will continually bleed up and that might be what you are seeing.
read the label for cleaning instructions.

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