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Please Help with Rug Issue!!?

Ok so my toilet over flowed over night, which caused some water to go onto my living room rug(Clean Water). Its not too bad but bad enough that it needs to be cleaned. It dried up but now it seems to have white patch's on the rug? I really hope its not mold... but I just want to know does anyone know how I can clean this? Any special cleaning products??? Thank so Much.


If this rug is a machine-washable rug, just wash it in your machine. Then dry it in your dryer, but don't over-dry it. If the rug isn't machine-washable, take the rug to a Dry Cleaner. They should be able to clean it for you. Now if were talking about wall-to-wall carpeting, your best bet is to have the carpet professionally cleaned. Professionals not only can clean the carpet, they can add special deodorizers so that mold doesn't end up growing in the carpet. Cleaning just one room should cost that much. You'll be glad you used a professional for this job. Check your Yellow Pages under Carpet Cleaners. -
Aug 23, 2017

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