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Please recommend a vacuum cleaner for a 750 sqft house with small carpet?

I have never bought a hoover or a vacuum cleaner and need some recommendations. Dont want to spend too much money on it. Will mostly use it to vacuum my carpet. Please provide links for recommendations.


I have a dirt devil that works just fine for me. My house is only 900 sq ft.
Kenmores are great vacuums and they're cheap. I bout a used one from Craigslist for $40 and it was $200 brand new. So if you want to get a great vac for cheap, go through Craigslist. Just make sure the vac runs before u purchase it.
we've a Morphy Richards Cyclonic Pets Bagless - 2000w vacuum (No.73362) after years with a Panasonic (do certainly no longer get certainly one of those!!). i incredibly do no longer understand how i've got lived for all those years with out this outstanding piece of kit. It wasn't low-value (and that i did no longer choose a Dyson as a results of fact for me they are too heavy) despite if that's properly worth each penny. till now my vac used to skim over the carpet and nonetheless bypass away it finding 'filmy'. This one takes all of it up (and we've had numbers of hounds). won't be in a position to propose it adequate, incredibly! Oh and that's an upright, with each and all the strategies.
We've had good vacuum cleaners that lasted almost 20 yrs before the motor died. That one was about $300. Then we couldn't afford to spend as much and a friend bought a great vacuum at Sears with a 12 amp and does a great job. This Sears vacuum was about $150. Not too many cheap vacuums out now that do a good job unless you buy the new powerful Dyson brand for much more money. My Sears Progressive is just fine although it is heavy it does a good job and it is an upright which I like for me because it is easier. Good Luck
All I can say is.... watch out. The world is FULL of BAD vacuum cleaners right now. They look OK, but they got no suck. And they're also incredibly expensive. The way I went was to put the word out I wanted an old Kirby or Hoover - something from the 50's or 60's. These machines are just as good as they were when new if you put on a new brush bar. But you can sometimes get them for nothing. I bought a couple vacuum cleaners for my business - and I could NOT believe how worthless they were! Holy Cow - and I have a feeling that this whole industry is filled with bad products.

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