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Prague Trapsort from aiport?

Im going to prague now in february our hotel is next to charles bridge i was wondering if any bus went directly there from aiport or do we have to transfer? also i have heard taxis have a bad repWhy is that? will they scam me? kidnap me? murder me? :S please help


I was going to take public transport from there (as the buses are right out the front of the airport.take some local currency with you in order to buy ticket However as I was feeling unwell I decided to get a hotel minibus which took me directly to my hotelApart from the angry exchange between some Isralies who only had american dollars and the driver who refused to take it, and then snatched it out of their hands and jumped into the van and took off with the people outside banging on the side of the van.hence why I said take their currency!!! I didn't have a problem and I was happy to be dropped off thereI think I took the bus back to the airport on the way backNo issues there.

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