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Problems with setting up Internet Connection SharingHow to solve it?

I had enabled bridge mode in my router (with built-in ADSL modem)On my computer, I had set one of the broadband connection to be sharedI can log on to the internet by using my computer without any problem and can surf the websites, download files and moreBut, the other computers which are connected to the same router cannot access the internetWhy? How to solve this problem?Please provide the detailed answer.


Well, IF you have a ROUTER and not just a modem, you don't need ICS! With a ROUTER you simply connect the additional machines to the router and they work without going through any other machinesIf indeed the device you have has routing ability but only has one outlet for the lan you can add a switch behind it to add more machines - take it OUT of bridge mode and let it route! What is the Model and Manufacturer of that device? We can help you sort this out but need to know what you haveNow if your router is a MODEM then you either need ICS with TWO network cards in your computer for others to use or you need a ROUTERSo if you need ICS you have to use TWO network cards, you can't share over the card used for your internet connectionIf you only have one working card, you can always add another card for sharing(Or get a router.)

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