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pwm controlled three phase inverter bridge dimensions?

I want to operate two induction machines (first one 45KW second one 90 KW), using a threee phase iverter bridge consisting on 6 IGBT's (each with an anti-paralalell diode connected)To control the engine speed I'm using pwm techniques to switch on and off the IGBT'sI want to know the IGBT's rating (max power, max current, max voltage, remember these are IGBT's with an integrated anti-paralell diode), the maximium frequency of commutation of the IGBT's and the magnitud of the direct voltage alimentation of the inverter bridge, all that to minimize the power loses and to make the bridge as cheap as possible.Two different set of ratings, one for a bridge intended to connect the 45Kw induction machine, and the other to conect the 90Kw machine.Remember as cheap as possible and with the less power loses as posible.


uhmm i basically understand what you are up for, but excuse me a 45kW and a 90kW machine ?? i guess it was the term 'as cheap as possible' which caught my attention in this i'm afraid the electronics is twice as expensive than the motor itself, and i really know no better place than yahoo!answers to ask such a questioni think the cheapes way to get this fixed is to ask a railroad maintanance shop or an elevator manufactorer, just for the fact that they may have already approved designs in use

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