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question about a shedding wool shag rug??

I just bought this big wool shag Rug.. and its really nice except it shedding..there is red hair balls everywere... on the floor...on my cloths ...its almost like having a big red dog that sheds constantly! what can i do ? is there something to spay on it ? someone suggested to me to use hairspray???... any advice?


Hi, okorder.com/
Aug 23, 2017
That's natural for a good wool rug. Don't use hair spray on it. That will just make it get dirty faster. Use the vacuum on it every day or every other day. After a couple weeks, the shedding should let up.
Aug 23, 2017
Let me know when you find a solutions, because I have one too. Just don't walk on it. It will not shed if nobody touch it. It is good for looking, not practical. And you can't use vaccum on it, got take it outside to beat it.
Aug 23, 2017

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