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Question about area rugs...?

Can anyone tell me if it is tacky to use a large carpet remnant as an area rug rather than buying a regular rug? I'm on a pretty tight budget, and I need a LARGE (10x10 ish) rug for our living room. Regular rugs that large are several hundred dollars. What do you think? Any other suggestions?


No. There is nothing tacky about this at all. I have bound and sold hundreds of room sized remnants over the years and 10 x 10 is the most common size. Be careful though. Many remnants of higher quality could cost more than a printed area rug. Binding costs me $1.10 per lineal foot and I sell it for $2.00 per lineal foot. A 10 x 10 bound rug or forty lineal feet will cost $80.00 for the binding, the cost of the remnant (estimate $70) plus sales tax. The retail store you shop at should have a binder they work with. They will send it out and should have it back for you to pick up within a week or so. If not, a few quick calls to some other carpet stores in the area should turn up someone willing to give you the number of a binder or two. If you can lug your rug to the binder yourself, you will save the money a retailer like me will charge for acting as the middleman. On July first, the binder I use is going to start adding fees for pick-up and drop-off service. Ten dollars each trip. I understand, he has to put gas in his van to keep working just like the rest of us and gas keeps going up. I strongly recommend you have your new rug bound because it will help prevent unraveling fibers and give it a professionally finished look. As part of the deal, a good binder will square it up and trim away any unevenness as well.
Aug 23, 2017
Not tacky! I was wondering about the edges though... Will they look worn out after some time? I guess it depends on the quality of the carpet. Have you considered buying a used rug? Check out second-hand shops, Salvation Army shops, garage sales ect - plus ads in the local newspaper. Or you could place an ad yourself?
Aug 23, 2017
No, but... do you have a fabric outlet in your area? I got my large (8'x10' I believe) rug from a fabric outlet in my area, for $150. not bad! Its beautiful too. just a suggestion.
Aug 23, 2017

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