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question about Indo Bijar Rug???

Does anyone know anything about Indo Bijar rugs. I bought a 6x9 Indo Bijar rug today for next to nothing and am curious about its value. It has a tag on it from a profesional rug repair shop in Dallas ( the tag just says indo bijar 6x9 clean and replace fringe) It's in great shape and was hoping to resell at our yardsale but not sure about the value. I found two similar rugs on Craigs list, one was $4,000 and the other was for $600.


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Hi, Value of a rug depends various factors 1.)Whether it is hand made or not? A) If hand made is it hand knotted or hand tufted? I am assuming that it is hand knotted, then the value depends on knots per square inch, the quality of the wool, the design, the worksmanship and finally the size. One more thing, carpet retailer often make this mistake; there is no such thing as 'BIJAR' its Bidjar. Indo-Bidjar rugs are usually made of 10x10 or 11x11 quality and this will have a retail value of 50-60 USD per SQ FT. Your rug has a square footage of 54 making its price fall in the range of 2700-3240 USD. Again, this is based on my assumptions. This is the fair value retail price. Now, some retailers like to keep a higher listing price and then give occasional discounts while some retailers do not like to do so. So its possible that some one might sell the same stuff for USD 4000. The 600 Dollar rug cannot be hand knotted. It must be hand tufted or something, as for this amount the rug is sold in India and when when add to this the retailers, wholesalers, importers margins; the price increases dramatically. If you can upload a picture of the rug, with a close up of the back side of the rug as well , I can provide you with much more information on its make as well as expected retail value.
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