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Question about laptop?

For example, if I wanna buy a Dell laptop, mainly for internet and microsoft office, and a $500 Dell laptop is enough for me, what is the difference between a $2000 laptop and $500 laptop? Generally, will the $2000 laptop lasts longer? My previous two laptops last for only two years. I am wondering a $2000 laptop will last much longer?Thanks


The other poster is correct. A 2000.00 laptop will not last any longer than a 500.00 one it may even last shorter due to high heat issues. Those lappys are for gaming usually and run reallly good whille they last. the 500.00 should be good for your purposes though.
a more expensive laptop probably means faster CPU, better graphic card, more RAM and more storage. a $500 laptop should be enough just for microsoft and internet browsing. a $2000 laptop is more like for gaming and intense programs, which you do not need.

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