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Question about overtime pay in the state of texas?

A former employer has a class action lawsuit filed against him for non-payment of overtimeTwo employees were fired as soon as he found out they filed the lawsuitNow the employer is saying he doesn't have to pay overtime to any employee that drove a Crane truckHe said there is a law that says if you drive this truck 1 day then that exempts him from paying OT for a period of 4 months and this is for every day you drive itCan anyone give me more information about thisIf someone can really help me I would be glad to email you more informationOne person that worked there also filed with the labor board.The labor board found him guilty and he paid all current employees OTKeep in mind these people drove this truck alsoHis attorney says he can pay overtime to who he wants and just because he paid them their back overtime doesn't mean he has to pay everyone.


Unless you have already purchased this amp, then you will be wasting your moneyThere are several good, cheap class D mono block amps out thereLook on EbayType in class D and lookAlways look at the RMS wattage, not the peakAnd make sure that you are running and acceptable ohm loadWith two 4ohm single voice coil subs you will see a 2ohm mono loadMost, if not all of the class D amps will handle this.
You would have to file your own complaint with the state labor board in order for your employer to pay you what is owed to you, if anythingDont trust anything the employer is telling youContact the labor board and go from there.

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