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question on coastal scents eye pallet?

is coastal scents 88 eye pallet any good? ive heard bad things and good things? and if i should get it which one is the best for people that doesnt like BRIGHT colors just just shimmery silvers, blacks, creams, browns. and if you dont think i should get this can you suggest something? i have 2 urban decay palletes but they are really glittery and too expensive for like 6 eye shadows....


Pros Definitely different from the first naked palette Cool tone shades pigmented and long lasting comes with double sided brush naked lip junkie Cons repeat on half baked no primer potion (that's if you don't have the first) $2 compared to the first naked palette, but if you can afford it, it's not big problem Overall, go for the Naked 2 even though you have Naked the first because they are different. The first one is warmed toned and the Naked 2 is more cooled tone with more taupe/grayish/silver shades. Definitely worth the buy.
I have the naked 2 pallet and i love it! you get a highlight color, and most of the colors have a shimmer to them, so if your not into that i wouldn't invest in it since its $48. a lot of it is browns, there are some darker colors and one or two pink and purple. it comes with twelve colors so there's alot to choose from, plus it comes with a brush.

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