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Question on moving into an apartment and a house?

So i live in new york city and I am currently in a apartment that has 3 bedroom 2 baths etcIts nice for a young professional but we are a family of 6 and a boxer (which we are planning to get a new one) My dad is kinda sickHe has a trachea and when I hear him walk up those 57 steps (we have no elevator) It bothers meWe have mice and roaches (yet we are anal about cleaning) in the winter the boiler breaks and no one fixes it until we call 311.So I have asked my mom to move into another apartment worth 2,800 with an elevatorHowever we want to move into a house within the next yearShould we move into another apartment and save up for the house thereOr stay here and continue saving for our houseP.s We have been living here for 21yrs and we are scared that if we do move into a temporary apartment the bank will say that we are not fit to pay a 2500+ mortgage due to our movingis this a problem.THANK YOU


Moving doesn't affect you qualifying for a houseThe bank looks at your income, your credit and your debt to income ratioSo it's ok to moveIs the new apt going to cost you more or less money? If you are trying to save for a house, moving into a new apt will cut into your savingsBut since you are waiting a whole year to buy a house and if your conditions are too bad to stick it out another year.you can moveBut quite frankly why move twiceIf you have put up with the conditions of that place for 21 years.what's 1 more year of sacrifice? That way you only have to move one last time into a houseOn the other hand, moving always helps you to purge alot of stuff you don't needPack everything and mark the boxesGet rid of stuff you don't need and when you move into the new place only take out what you need so that when you do move into the house it will be easierBut all in all - if you can stick it out, I'd stay and wait.

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