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Questions about carbon monoxide alarm?

Questions about carbon monoxide alarm?Every since I first got the alarm, it has always stayed a steady red when plugged in. Well this morning it was chirping at intervals of 30 secs. ( thought battery needed replacing) so I replaced the batteries and the chirping has subsided but there is still the steady red light that's been on there since day one. The brand of the detector is first alert. So is everything fine now?Additional DetailsThe power light is red on the alarm, I just replaced batteries and tested it, it was definitely the batteries, the other alarm is very loud comparably


we use all of these products when doing refractory work. any kind of kiln or oven used in manufacturing will have some sort of firebrick material. we repair a lot of glass furnaces and use just about all the materials you listed in some form or otherthe carbon plants in our area use alot of these products for their furnaces also

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