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Questions about using a Perennial Border around my Home..?

I have a mostly brick house, more red, fenced in back yard and am wanting to do a border of Perennial plants around my home. Wondering if this is a good idea, I don't know much about planting, gardening or anything of that sort. We have brick steps centered in the front and I want to go at an angle and leave gaps on either side of the steps to be able to plant some flowers or something. I would love some thoughts and opinions on all of this, seeing as I have no clue. I want to make sure all plants I use are safe for children and animals, I have 4 children, 3 of which are under the age of 5. Thank you for your time and help!Oh, any websites that you use personally or know would be helpful to me feel free to supply them =) I have had the hardest time finding anything helpful. Thanks!


Hello. Perennial garden are a great way to make your home look great with little work. Depending where you live ( I live in zone 5) Most perennials here grow through out the summer and then just get cut back in the fall when they are done. There are many poisonous perennials. The easiest way to find a list of these is to just type in poisonous perennials into your computer search engine and you will get many lists of them. Just print that out and bring it to your garden center and they will walk you through the choices of non poisonous perennials. I work at a garden center and its very common for non gardeners to come in and ask for help. So don't be intimidated. The most important thing to do is to watch and see what kind of light these spots get that you want to plant in. lots of shade, full sun, morning sun-afternoon shade, or vice versa. Thats going to be the first question asked. Then decide what colors you like and how tall you want the perennials to be, Some get 4 feet tall, some stay at ground level. Your local garden shop employee will be able to help you with no problem. So good luck and congratulations on deciding to beautify your home. Gardening is a lot of fun!!
I would make the border irregular, concentrate on the front of the house. Go to your local nursery and ask about the plants you want. With all those children, you will be looking for low maintenance plants, so stress that. At this point, unless you have someone to do the gardening for you or at least help, it might be best to have a sunflower or other fast growing and easy bed so the kids can help and learn gardening.
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