resin charms ?

ive seen people make resin charms with things in them like sprinkles or tiny toys. i want to learn how to make my own cute charms but i dont know how.


It depends on how it's oversized. If the sleeves are awkardly long then the shirt might not be something you should wear. But if the sweater is just too big then you could make big work. Depending on how big it is you could wear tights under it like a mini dress, you could add a waste belt to make it look tighter. You could pin it in the back. You could tuck it in to a high-wasted skirt if it isn't too thick. I really don't have any idea what kind of sweater this is so of these ideas could totally work and some could look like vomit. :)
If you have a gas leak it could ignite an explosion but so could any other spark such as the thermostat going on or a lit match, lighter, candle, gas stove burner, etc. You can cut down on static electricity by adding some humidity to the air. Try getting a towel and wetting it and hanging it over (but not on top of) a heat register. Or you could set a pan of water near a heat register. That will add humidity to the air and hopefully you'll be able to sleep more soundly. Also, the moisture is good for your skin and your nasal membranes.

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